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О себе

Innerspace Label is among the first Ukrainian net-labels with pronounced idea and clear understanding of the needs of modern sound lovers, interested in good electronic music. We stand for good electronic music and we’re thinking that it would and should be popular around. Intellectual electronic music – is quite a completed phenomenon in the World. Here, in Ukraine, it is still a rudiment and we are pleased to be in the front lines to change it, introducing electronic music scene to domestic sound lovers from all over Ukraine. We stand for attractive music for mind and soul, not divided by different formats but unified by a sense of style, wherever it is deep, techno, minimal or IDM. Our artists engaging in esthetic and non-banal music, they experiment with sound and never try to fit some borders. How famous is the artist, is the dj well known to the wide public, or not – the only thing that plays a role for us - is interest in art and creation, and if the musician is up for it – we’ll do our best to bring his creation for your attention. All members of Inner Space team are active in building up the domestic electronic scene. We offer smooth music taste and we got all needed knowledge to arrange high-grade events and to choose from the ocean of vinyl only those with a true esthetics in it. Our main instrument is web. It is fast and we accept the fact that more and more music releases becomes digital, and this will only expand in the future. We also stand for legal distribution in the web, so we provide full legal support for artists of our label. Our main goal is to develop intelligent and progressive electronic scene in Ukraine. We want our artists and musicians to become as popular and claimed as their friends and colleagues abroad, and we know that it possible with our approach. We believe our experience, will and skills will help us to reveal more than one talented Ukrainian musician.

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Innerspace    12 января 2010, 11:06 #